Jive, Mahogany, Ken and some 'snappy' poetry

I went to a slam poetry workshop on Sunday, part of the Global Poetics Tour and was introduced to the genius that is Ken Arkind. Here he is doing Maggie! A fantastic poem, that makes you realise what poetry can be. Fabulous.

Also had this incredible woman. Mahogany L. Browne, who blew me away. Something really funk singer going on and it's poetry. The beat, the phrasing, wonderful to hear.

And I also had the pleasure of hearing from Jive Poetics, another New York Slam Poet Champ (I say that like they're a buck a tin, so not the case, when I say 'another' I mean one of the three mentioned).

My absolute privilege to hear each of them.

And, I learned something. When you are in the know... you snap your fingers in the bits you like (guess that saves interrupting with applauding in the usual way). Learn something every day.