Creativity is not a talent. It is a way of operating.

Loving hearing John Cleese talk about creativity. Creative thinking is a topic I love learning about, and practicing. And my two cents, if you're in a 'brainstorming meeting' be sure to throw every idea on the table – no matter how crazy. Keeping ideas playful and spontaneous is key. Definitely do not start self-editing for fear of laughter. You never know where the 'big idea' will come from, and all ideas are valid for the sake of stimulating other thoughts if nothing else.

Enjoy Mr Cleese and his five key factors to help your creativity: 
• Space
• Time
• Time (yup)
• Confidence
• Humour

This was recorded in 1991, but just as valid today as it was then.
(Here's a snippet with the five factors):

(The whole lecture):

And thanks to for the inspiration.