Inspiration thrashes about inside - so much that it almost hurts organisers had some great speakers as always. I went to last years in Brisbane, and 2010 in Melbourne so I got to hear Timba Smits twice. Such a detailed, perfectionist with a singular style. Very clever chap whose done the hard yards to get where he is. He took risks and believed in what he wanted. Go Timba! Just ordered my next issue of Wooden Toy, can't wait for it to arrive in my mailbox.

Sylvia Ji is clearly not a presenter, and is a real live paid-up artist. So gorgeous to hear her inner secrets, motivations, concerns and get a glimpse into her as a person. Her style is at once contemplative, spiritual, enigmatic, and yet whimsically funny. And very beautiful.

Now Beastman has gone and created a brand ID for himself... he be the brand. Clever. Nice work. Harder than it might look. Somehow his style reminds me of Serafin... Hmmm.
for the blog belonging to the clever and so lucky... jammy... tinny... imagine getting handed a job like he did at 20. I'm kinda jealous. Not even kinda... proper green! Still he's made it HIS and made a life out of work I think is really fun, creative, imaginative and inspirational!! Plus I love skating and snowboarding culture so it's right up my alley.