School of Thinking

Not much is given away these days. But the School of Thinking offers us a training solution that helps us expand the way we think. I enjoyed it and think it's well worth sharing.

Excerpt from School of Thinking website.

Why be interested in increasing your own speed of thought?

If you don’t upgrade your brain software then you’ll be stuck with what you’ve got.

Although this sounds a bit like a TV advertorial (But wait there’s more!) I’ve listed some of the many real benefits that can come from increasing your own speed of thought:

• be more open-minded
• be better able to escape from your point-of-view
• be able to see more opportunities
• be faster at solving problems
• enjoy making decisions
• increase your survival skills
• be fitter in the marketplace
• be more effective at planning
• get much better results
• find it easier to be creative
• be faster to take advantage of changes in circumstances
• get things done quicker
• think more and worry less
• lower your stress levels
• increase your family’s peace and happiness
• see information in new and more useful ways
• generate better and better alternatives
• apply speed of thought to your personal and family life
• be better at sports and career problems and opportunities
• be a speed thinker!

How can I double my Speed of Thought?

A simple way is by daily training.

If you wish you can get this training pro bono from the School of Thinking.